Again and again I rebuilt my little "blue room", optimized it and added or disposed things. At the moment, a few external devices are gathering, which I mostly use live or have used selectively in some past productions. The basic of my sound generation is still in the computer. Here I use Studio One and various plug-ins. In addition to Samplitude as a premastering tool, I also use S1 for the final DDP mastering (final compilation for the glass master). As you can see, I "multimonitor it" with a 42 "Samsung and two 19" Eizos. In 4K high-resolution working with S1 is much more fun. The only disadvantage is the display of plugs that cannot be resized. They then move temporarily to the right monitor. (update: Updated to WIn 10. Perfect idea, cause now you can resized each monitor indiviual and the plugs can be shown much bigger)
I use a nectar LX88 as the main keyboard. It is easy to programing and the light weighted feel is excellent. I also use a fader port and a Contour Shuttlepro as a mouse supplement. A great tool for everyone who works with timeline software. A Focusrite 18i20 Scarlett is doing the Asio-Stuff and two citronic 8 inchers with a HECO Sub under the desk makes the subnoise. As headphones, I use a Beyerdynamic DT 770 (250) and a Superlux HD (as a low-cost listener).


The live set includes a JD800, System 1 and an EG101 with Boss RV-6, Jupiter 50 and a DELL NB and an LX61. I occasionally provide a small IdeaPad on which S1 runs with the freeware Synth1. It needs less CPU-Power. The GW8 delivers a few typical Erbe-sounds that shouldn't be missing live. An older Yamaha desk 01x unfortunately no longer runs under 64bit and now only takes on live tasks or as a simpe mixer. I also use a Behringer QX1832 for extended live sessions. To the left of the picture is a visual live notebook with various cams and video technology, which (hopefully) generates interesting live pictures. An XT230 with I5. Robust box, always works and offers 8 USB ports with the docking station. Two of them are equipped with controllers from Icon (istage) and Alesis (midimix). The rest with mouse and USB cameras. Then two tons of cables, power supplies and other stuff. I have recently purchased a new video mixer from Blackmagic, which works as a video streamer for Facebook and YouTube. The Atem Mini combines my various Lumix system cameras into a variable set.