About Stefan Erbe

Stefan Erbe's musical history began (really) at the beginning of the 90s and has since produced over 30 Erbe studio albums, many hundreds of concerts and lots of media events. To call him just a musician would not be sufficient. The term "medialist" would certainly be more appropriate, as he often connects his work with images or concepts that stay with him much longer than the actual music. The Hagen native has a significant connection to the astronomical world, because as one can assume, his "professional" career started in 1993/1994 with the debut album "the cosmic dreamland" and a cooperation with the Hagen observatory. 
Erbe's musical signature can be clearly heard in the wide circle of traditionalists of synthetically produced music. His unusual gift of not committing himself to certain stylistic means and yet possessing a genuine recognition value is rare and certainly an argument for his continuing success. Moreover, the range of his possibilities is above average, offering everything from technoid popular electronics to classical Debussy interpretations to ambient, club, lounge and chillout albums. Erbe overcomes boundaries and simply mixes it up to create his style. Always emotionalised, melodious and catchy.

Since 2011, Erbe's combination of music and cosmic themes has become an integral part of the programme of the Bochum Planetarium and in more than 60 events, Erbe has been able to realise events and concerts with top-class guests. In addition to electronic greats such as ATB, Chicane and Blank&Jones, Erbe has also hosted numerous other genre musicians with whom he has shared the stage live. His "Sound-of-Sky" series is unique in the world of planetariums, because where many other institutions have their acts perform with simple DJ equipment, every Erbe event is always an evening of combined live music and individual star projection that will only happen once.
In over 300 concerts Erbe has already visited many events and festivals in Germany and Europe, but very often travel(s) to the "Hagen Stadtwald" to perform live at the place of origin of his astromusical birth. Whether solo or as a joint duo with Steve Baltes, with whom he has produced four albums under the name Baltes&Erbe since 2014. The work with Ashra keyboard man Steve Baltes came about by chance through a collaboration that initially led Steve to "Sound of Sky" as a guest. The closeness of both their musical tastes and a very special live chemistry brought a lasting and meaningful synergy to the EM scene, especially in live performance. Since that time they have already played more than 20 concerts together in D, GB and NL.

In the last 30 years, Stefan Erbe has realised several studio, live and other cooperation projects and distributes his products on the local erbemusic.com label. Over the years, he has turned down several lucrative major offers, always relying on his own independence. His steadily increasing success is expressed not only in the expanding numbers of his distribution, but also in the high acceptance of the many music lovers. In addition to his own studio albums, Stefan Erbe has also accompanied numerous external projects. Here, the period from 2009 onwards must be mentioned in particular. He composed the film music for several documentaries, DVDs and other productions, cooperated with other musicians and artists and supplied various samplers with his tracks. His track "When Angels Travel" on ATB's 2014 album, which reached number 5 in the German charts, certainly deserves special mention.
Due to his above-average presence, his large network and the many different product fields that surround his creative activities, Erbe has no longer been an exclusive musician for many years, but combines diverse skills and services under the umbrella of erbemusic. The fusion of author, lecturer, photographer and media designer, as well as insurance specialist for artists and creatives, label owner promoting young talent, event organiser and musician has certainly become a significant unique selling point of the Hagen-based artist. (Note: insiders suspect that he may also come to greater prominence as a cat photographer ;)
Erbe wrote for the German Synthesizer Magazine (until 2021) for many years and founded in 2011 the webzine Empulsiv with Stefan Schulz (syndae). Many event and festival visitors also know him as a moderator and questioner. Besides his astromedial Spaceworks concert series, which is almost always performed at astronomical locations, Erbe has organised several Raumzeit-Festivals and actively supported many other scene events. In most cases, he has given them organisational start-up help or has been helpful as a technical stage manager. In his workshops, he talks about making music, explains technology and gives up-and-coming musicians insights into the right workflow. In addition, he also supports newcomers on the local Erbemusic label and distributes albums and CDs by other artists. In 2008, he initiated the international music award "die Schallwelle" together with Sylvia Sommerfeld (Schallwende e.v.). Until 2013, he actively accompanied the event as an presenter and until 2022 as technical organiser (but never as a voting or awarding jury member).  (as of may. 2022)


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