The Planetarium in Bochum

The Planetarium at Bochum ist one of the leading astronomical institution in the world and offers a fantastic and advanced technique. It is one of the "big" Planetariums in Germany with 260 Seats and a (new) full Dome Projection.


Advanced means that the central Universarium and 8 Videoprojector are connected to a special visual System. 9000 brilliant stars are shining at the rounded sky and the new full Dome Beamer enhanced the seeing-area to an unlimited field of complexe simulations, make trips to every galaxy possible and simulate journeys to countless Space Destinations.

The new Videosystem was rebuild in 2010. It  makes the dome to a playground of the complete universe with his fascinating Beauty and the full dynamic range. Breathless flights through the solarsystem, far away to the stars and into deepnees of the cosmos. Landing on planets are also possible and the view to the earth appears in a complete new impression. Traveling to birth sites of new suns, visit big star clusters and jump into bizarr worlds.

Next to the new impressive projection, the sound of the surround system is not less spectacular, cause it was also rebuild and got a new technique. The frequences and the power is absolutely qualified for all events, like concerts and more. 

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