Stefan Erbes - Selectronique Debussy

"The music of Claude Debussy's is inspiring, timeless and beautiful. It is full of musical ideas, touched with their tonal moods and highly variable that also non classic fans can´t ignore it.”

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When Stefan Erbe begins a new music project, the musical progress and own conceptual development are the  essential aspects.  He always disconnect himself from the last works, sets his creativity to a starting point and wants to get a new view to the upcoming musical stuff. “To get the best way into the old pieces you need to analysis your own musical skills and ask yourself if you are able to do that with a non blasphemy implementation”. 

But his synergy of electronic- and classical-music really does have something new, because it does not consist only a simple interpretation, it has the symbiosis of two genres. It is not only his sound or the “synthesized emotionality”, it is also the musical extension and the venture, to add something. Erbe dares to change notes to enlarge melodies and define all areas new. But his own compositions are joining the preludes and suites, inspired by the ideas, the stories and the life of Claude Debussy.

Stefan Erbes typical character also can be found on his latest album. The result of his fashion melodies, the drumatic elements and many complex song-theme needs a 15-month production process to be finished. The selected tension of the album tells the story without interruption in 67 minutes. One possible comparison to the genre Genius Isao Tomita is obvious, but something is different. Erbes philosophy of blended synergy is not only a form of instrumentation, it is rather the goal to expand the music, even if this can occur with a reduction. 

Can synthetic music are the original justice? They can, if they get the chance to break away from their image. Typically, one tends to classify something newly gained. Maybe we call it classical Ambient or Neo-Classical. But no matter what name the most excellent is, a good story can be drawn, written or told, it ultimately does not matter, because a good story it is anyway.

Tracklist / Total 67 Minuten

01 Memories of childrens corner 
02 Arabesque
03 The little shepherd 
04 The girl with the flaxen hair 
05 Passepied 
06 Le temps perdu 
07 Beau soir
08 The snow is dancing 
09 Golliwoggs cake walk 
10 Moment de paix
11 Reverie
12 Oriental
13 Sunken cathedral
14 Clair de lune
15 Prelude suite de bergamesque
16 Dr gradus ad parnassum 


Raumzeitfesival with Baltes & Erbe



Raumzeitfestival is back

After a one year break, the festival returns with a new location and three acts. All musicians cut their concerts in three parts and plays 40minutes of them in three blocks. So every visitor get the chance to see all Performers at different times. The Admission is free! empulsiv and the university radio station eldoradio* invites all to come to a really amazing event.

14:00 Open the Area
15:00 Block 1 ca. 120 minutes
(3 Sets of 40 Minutes - all Acts)
17:00 Block 2 
19:00 Block 3


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