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Stefan Erbes intense of production was every time highly and most produktive. By this way, there are tracks resulting in a form of "overproduction" that didn´t find a way of one of the regular albums. This is a circumstance, that many fans appreciate because erbe don´t left them in an unused archive but placed them on 4 different Free Download CDs.
Enhanced, erbes intention is also to promote his music to people that didn´t know him before. This is a succesful story because more than 100.000 people load his tracks.

ok, then have fun, load it and copy it for a privat use, talk about to other fans, send me "thankyoumails", go nuts und want more erbe-stuff. The next free album is coming...and not far away.

Club Genetica 2008

“Club genetica” was an "accident"! Produced for a project with a us-comic Artist, but never finished, because the pictures and the music didn´t "fits" together, but Erbe didn´t changed the concept at all, took the name of the title-track and named the cd also. Genetica is a real highlight and leads the download statistic. Another remarkable thing is the track "wunderwerk" that exists in different remixes. It follows me also in the 2013 and you find a new version on "Method".

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