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ATB under the stars

30. & 31.05.2014 Planetarium Bochum

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History: 20 years ago...

20 years ago, í´ve released my first CD "the cosmic dreamland"...where is all the time?

New best Friends in the Studio



the fiftymintrax two-mix

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avasunit´s Spring...sunny! (mar 2014)

Live on Tour

26.04.14 Sound of Sky meets Moonbooter, Planetarium Bochum
10.05.14 Sound of Sky goes ATT, Essen 
ausverkauft! 30. & 31.05 2014 Sound of Sky goes ATB under the stars! Planetarium Bochum
16.08.14 Sound of Sky, Planetarium Bochum
11.10.14 Sound of Sky, Planetarium Bochum mit Special Guest
06.12.14 Sound of Sky, Planetarium Bochum mit Special Guest

Skyliner (CD Driver)

Stefan Erbe...

stefan klassisch 2 musician and medialist and doesn´t fit in one of the typical "electronic-categories". He´s using all kind of "electro-stuff" like ambient and chill, orchestral to experimental, drumatical or sequential. But everytime a special element discharged, it is a melodical character which stays longer than the time it needs to consume...


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I like Stefan Erbe

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